Be Happy!

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Hi, people! I am so excited to share some personal rules that I follow for a better and happier me. I wrote this list in my Journal last May and I happen to scan the list a few days ago. In my notes, I told myself, “Pinky, be happy!” So I’d like to tell you now “_____ (Insert your name here.), be happy!” Do the following:

  1. Love and be loved!
  2. Be Positive!
  3. Trust and be Trustworthy!
  4. Do not fear something that has not happened or will never happen!
  5. Respect and be respectable!
  6. Understand – Communicate – When in doubt, assume the good!
  7. Be reasonable, calm, and collected!
  8. Exercise!
  9. Sleep well!
  10. Eat well!

Let me explain each.


By “be loved,” I also mean be lovable. When I allow love to fill me, I feel lovable and I feel that there is no reason for people to hate me. It does not have to be forced. I don’t have to love other people for them to love me. By being guided by love – love within myself, love for things around me, love for the world, love for mankind, love for humanity, love for life, love for everything good, love for family, love for friends, love for nature, love for anything capable of being loved – I will be lovable and it makes me happier. Because, why hate?


Having a task needed to be accomplished? I’ll believe that it will turn out well. Having an important meeting or an interview or a confrontation with anyone? I’ll believe that it will have a good result. Having trouble with something? I’ll believe that it will be over soon because it’s only a test. Having doubt in myself? I’ll believe that I can do it. I allow my mind to trust in the positive outcome and the positive result will just flow naturally. Even when the outcome turned negatively in the past, I’ll still believe in the positivity of the eventuality that after that bad result, it will turn out better the next time. It’s a mindset!


When I trust, I rely on the wisdom, capability, ability, promise, and all other things that another person does or will do. But it’s harder for me to trust someone if I am untrustworthy myself. Being untrustworthy results in being insecure and skeptical in relying trust to another especially if you have broken somebody’s trust before. It makes you think that they will or might do the same so better never ever trust them. However, I follow the rule that if I say I’ll do it, I will do it. If I can’t do it, I will say I can’t do it. If there is a problem, I’ll say the problem. The important thing here is to communicate and not to damage your trustworthiness in the eyes of other people.


When I stop myself from doing the next step to a possible achievement or a future success, just because it might fail, I always tell myself, “What if it will really succeed? What if the thing I feared will never happen? Will I achieve it if I won’t do it or just even try to do it?” Then, I think about it and do it. Because, I am not afraid of a possible success. Are you?


When I respect myself and other people, I feel like I place myself in a stage of respect too. Much like trust, I will be undeserving of respect, in the reciprocity of life and in my own conscience, if I am disrespectful. If I want respect, I should respect!


When confronted with a situation, I don’t judge right away. I try to understand. If I don’t understand, I assume the good of the situation. When it’s hard to understand, I ask or communicate so I will understand.


I do not want to get upset without a valid reason. If I get upset for no reason or for an imagined reason, I take my upset back. Yes, I swallow it back. But when I can’t swallow it back, I express how I feel in a calm and collected way. I ask myself, “Was I upset for a reason or just too dramatic?” I also trace the cause why I am upset and I try to address the issue with a solution. Because, I don’t want to be upset for good. It’s not tasteful.


When I exercise, I feel a glow from within. It makes me lighter and happier. Because, exercising is just love!


When I sleep well, I wake up not sleepy. I can seize the day without yawning and complaining that I need more sleep. Sleeping well also means that I had a good sleeping position with comfortable pillows and blanket and with a room temperature that is not warm-to-the-point-of-sweating and not too cold.

  1. EAT WELL!

When I eat well, I feel well. Eating well is also important in my low-carb diet and in my health in general. But I am not perfect with my diet, I should say. At least once a week, eating well for me also means enjoying not-so-healthy food for my cheat day. And guess what! It’s cheat day now! So, I’ll eat well! Let’s eat!

Follow any of these rules and I guarantee that you will be happier and brighter than before! Because, happiness is always the goal!

With much love and happiness,

Pinky V.

That’s my journal! ☺️



Do you know the difference between a CAPPUCCINO and a CAFFÉ LATTE?

Cappuccino - Latte

So it’s 2 p.m. and I am sitting on this cozy couch in a coffee shop. Earlier, I was waiting for my caffé latte but then I was served with a hot drink with a lot of foam. I asked the coffee lady politely: “Why is there a lot of milk foam on my drink, isn’t this a cappuccino?” She replied right away: “Yes Ma’am, we’ll just change it Ma’am!” I was eventually served with my order, a caffé latte. I told myself: “Wow Pinky, you know the difference between a cappuccino and a caffé latte, good job!”

And… then… boom! I have a topic for today’s blog post: What is the difference between a cappuccino and a caffé latte?

Back in the summer of 2012, I took a Barista 101 course and I happen to remember the answer to the question. I’ll explain quickly.

The ingredients of a cappuccino are: one part espresso mixed with one part steamed milk with one part milk foam on top. In short, it’s 1:1:1.

The ingredients of a caffé latte are: one part espresso, two parts steamed milk, and a little layer of milk foam on top. In short, it’s 1:2:(let’s say).5 or .25

If you’ve noticed, in a cappuccino, the ratio between the coffee and the milk is the same, whereas in a caffé latte, there is more milk than coffee (Well, latte is an Italian term for milk.).

Another considerable difference is the amount of foam. Cappuccino is foamier-to-achieve-a-Santa-Claus-beard look. Caffé latte has less foam but it can be poured over the coffee in such a way as to form images like a heart or a leaf (That’s called latte art).

It’s simple, right?

Next time you go to a coffee shop, you already know the difference. (Assuming you want milk in your coffee) If you want to have more kick, or say a stronger/more bitter taste, you get a cappuccino. If you want it more milky, you get a caffé latte.

So, what do you prefer – a cappuccino or a caffé latte?

With milk foam and coffee love,

Pinky V.

And that’s my caffé  latte!


Success is a Choice!


It’s 12 noon and I am dragging, not in a rush to do anything. I just finished my Duolingo Spanish lesson and thought I’ll do some online research or maybe read my TED Talks book. I just recently left my job of 3+ years 3 days ago. The reason is personal to me and I’d like to share it in another blog post. Before doing my planned online research or book-reading, I felt so sticky so I decided to just shower first. After my refreshing shower, I fixed my towel on my head over my wet hair when suddenly a question popped inside my head: “What is success?”

I want to write it down. So here I am. I want to trace my idea of success.

Looking back when I was a kid (not a goat), I remember this concept embedded in my head that lawyers and doctors are among the most successful professionals. How did I come up with the idea of success? Maybe influenced by my family, the Television, people, or society in general. I remember dressing up as a lawyer during Grade 1. I think that was a what-we-want-to-be-when-we-grow-up activity. Then, when asked by adults what I wanted to be when I grow up, I remember always answering to be a lawyer or a doctor. I think I made a choice as early as then. But now, I am older and I realize that not all lawyers and doctors are successful.

When I was in high school, Nursing was the trending college degree because of the opportunity to work abroad (and according to them, earn a lot). When I was in my fourth (4th) year in high school, I took an entrance exam for Nursing in a well-known medical school. They had a rigid entrance exam and I passed. Yet, I was never so interested about it that I remember I just let it pass. One batch mate from my province requested the school administration of that medical school to take over my spot (that’s as far as I remember). Wow, I had a spot but I did not go for it. I never consider it a waste though. It was not my choice.

Then I also took an entrance exam in another university for Accountancy. Expectedly, I passed the entrance exam. Well, for some reasons, a week before I was about to enroll in that school, I decided not to enroll. I had one high school close friend who expected me to enroll as we planned to do it together. But I did not enroll. Fast forward now, she is an Accountant. By the way, my mother is an Accountant too. I vividly remember my mother discouraging me to pursue Accountancy because according to her, it is more on the computation and not so much on the speaking. My mother is the shy type who doesn’t like to speak in front of a lot of people. It seems like she thought it didn’t fit my personality or maybe it would not develop my speaking skills in the course. Well, I did not choose Accountancy anyway.

Finally, I enrolled in a Political Science program in college. The only reason I recall why I enrolled in that course was for me to pursue law thereafter and no other. During the entrance interview, a professor (who’s a lawyer) said that the Political Science program in that school is not a good pre-law program. What? I was appalled. But I convinced myself not to be convinced with his statement. I made a choice. I wanted to do it. And truly, I did. I finished my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Afterwards, I took Bachelor of Laws. Now, I am a lawyer. I chose this.

After my law graduation (or even during the fourth year in law school), I received job offers from big law firms in the country for being part of the top 10 in our law class. They were amazing opportunities in the standards of aspiring graduating law students or fresh law graduates. Oddly, I was never so excited about the offers. But of course, I felt honored and grateful for those opportunities. I did not choose any of them.

Fast forward, I applied and was hired as a Court Attorney in the Court of Appeals. I also applied and was hired as a part-time law professor in one of the amazing law schools in the country. Teaching is one of my dream careers and I feel so blessed by this opportunity to teach. It was an amazing start when I did a walk-in application and I was hired on the spot on that very same day. It was an instant success on my part. Now, I remember that portion when I was in Grade V in Elementary that I was wearing a teacher’s uniform portraying a teacher. Wow, I had that moment in my past and it’s now a reality. As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, I just recently left my job (as a Court Attorney). I had the option to stay and continue but I chose not to do so.

Now, I am typing this article in my apartment while drinking my cranberry juice. This is my choice. And I am happy about this. I feel successful.

Now going back to my question of what success is, I realized that I reached a level of success with some deviations from certain paths. Oops, no! I think I am wrong. There is no deviation. I never really deviated from becoming a nurse. I never really deviated from becoming an accountant. I never really deviated from becoming a big law firm lawyer.  I never really deviated from my court attorney career. I just made a choice. I decided to follow a path. I took my own path and achieved what I needed to achieve. I became a lawyer. I worked as a court attorney. I resigned as a court attorney. I am a part-time law professor. I am here right now. I am my own choice. I never deviated from something because when we say “deviate,” it suggests that I veered away from what I should be doing. In reality, it is not really “what I should be doing” but “what I could be doing.” There are other options. The only thing that’s needed is the decision to make a choice from the options. It is not a deviation.

The idea of being successful has been narrowed down by societal expectations and insinuations resulting in people, from their childhood (like me), being made to believe that “This is successful!” or “That is successful!” But then success can be achieved without being strict or limited to a certain path. You can either choose to do something and be successful in it or choose to do what other people think is successful and be miserable. Luckily for me, my idea of success (becoming a lawyer) was in line with the path I chose. But then my pursuit of success, much like happiness (not necessarily on the same level), is never-ending. Yet, if we look at it on the now-level here-level, we are our own success stories. It was a tough decision for me to leave my job (Technically, I still have a job – teaching). But I thought that it was a very successful decision for me. It was not really deviating from a path. I made a choice. I am taking this unknown path and I am going to achieve it. It’s a mindset.

I am excited to blog more. I am excited to have more time with myself. I am excited to be in a little more control of my time. I am excited to read my TED Talks book. I am excited to play futsal with my soccer friends later.

How about you? What is your idea of success? I’d love and appreciate to get a response from you!

Peace and love,

Pinky V.


I fancy love

I don’t look at you and your bling.
I can’t be lured by your fortune.
I am not a fan of ready money.
I am not beguiled by your riches.
All I fancy is a priceless love.
It doesn’t exist in luxurious materials.
Not even in the most expensive car.
I am not a fan of material love.
All I fancy is your love.
A love that buys nothing.
That when you look at me in the eyes
I’d feel the wealthiest on Earth.
All I fancy is your genuine love.
A love which only loves.
It is not commercial and expensive.
We could even drink or eat the cheapest.
All I fancy is a great love.
That I’d love you with all my heart.
And you’d love me back.
There’s no begging, there’s no discount.
All I fancy is love!



In the break of dawn, your hope’s in sight.
But as the morning comes, it still feels night.
In the eclipse of day, you get by.
But as the sun comes back, you still cry.
In the middle of a maze, you’ll figure why.
But after some time, you still wonder why.
In all the doom, there’s a reason to move on.
But in every step forward, you make a half or two step back.
In the pointless living, you find your niche.
But in a blink of an eye, you are lost in your own.
In the future that you look forward to, you are positive.
But deep within, you still battle to live.
In the fruition of love, you are filled.
But in that same love, some things are killed.
In the making of a story, there is beauty.
But sometimes, beauty is just a fantasy.
In every light, you shine in stark.
But you look at the mirror and all is dark.

Dark yesterday, dark today.
Dark in the morning, dark in the night.
Dark with the sun, dark without the sun.
Dark within, dark without.
Dark in hope, dark in loss.
Dark in living, dark in dying.
Dark in beauty, dark in nothing.
Dark amid the light.